Past Shows, Future Sins

On Monday July 13, at our usual 5pm Pacific, we welcome author Pen Stroke to Stay Brony, My Friends. The epicness is epically epic!


It’s all his fault, those sleepless nights.

Past Sins is one of the towering achievements of the My Little Pony fanfic community… two hundred thousand words of depth. And we have the author, Pen Stroke, captive until he reveals all! And there’s those other two dozen stories to discuss, too…

Be there, at Canterlot Hill!

Manly Challenge: Child’s Play

This week’s Manly Challenge, brought to you by DJ Tetsuo, is to support Child’s Play. And you don’t even have to arm-wrestle to do it!

manly challenge childs play

click on the image to donate

When you’re a child, being in a hospital is a mixture of fear and mind-numbing boredom. All there is to do is to dwell on the sickness or injury that brought you to the hospital, and little to distract from the pain and from the exposure to people who are in as much medical trouble as you. This is not what life should be like as a child, and this is what Child’s Play is here to deal with.

Child’s Play donates toys, video games and consoles, books and videos to hospital pediatric wards to help the unfortunate children have something to do, to have something in their day to look forward to. Who has time for brooding over what “cancer” means when there are bad guy’s butts awaiting kicking! And with your donations, matched as always one-for-five by Caerdwyn (up to 100 in matching funds), there will be plenty of butts to kick.

Be a butt-kicking supplier. Ease the pain. Confront the fear. FINISH HIM.

Robotic Invasion

On Monday, 29 June at the usual 5pm Pacific, we welcome the awesome DJ “The Robot” Tetsuo to Stay Brony, My Friends. This one is epic!



Tetsuo is not just a track-mixing tower of power. He’s not just 225 pounds of well-marbled beef. He’s also a consummate gentleman and a warrior for a noble cause (more on that later!). Join us! It’s what the cool kids do.

It all goes down at Canterlot Hill.

Manly Challenge: Foundation Fighting Blindness

This week’s Manly Challenge, from the Manliest Sea Serpent (Lee Tockar), is to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Yeah… yeah, we can do that… LIKE WE DID BEFORE!

“Degenerative retinal disease” is far too often just another way of saying “you’re going to be blind someday”, and even more chilling, is frequently followed by “and there’s not a lot that can be done to stop it”. Consider for a moment what it means to be told this, and to have it hanging over you… and day by day, to have it play out.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is in the forefront of research into education, prevention and cures in this critical area. Progress is being made, but the clock is ticking for far too many people (including our good friend Lee Tockar). Your donations will go directly into dealing with this family of diseases (matched as always one-for-five, up to a hundred in matching funds, by Caerdwyn) with some of the most hardworking, dedicated doctors and scientists in the world at your side.

DO IT. The eyeballs you save could be your own!

Longest. Callback. EVER!

In the wake of the magnificent episode 100, “My Little Background Pony”, we are proud to welcome back Lee Tockar. WOO!

Lee gonna be here? IT'S TRUUUUUE!

Lee gonna be here? IT’S TRUUUUUE!

It’s just soooooo appropriate that Lee be our guest. He was the first of the show staff to join us all the way back on episode 17 of Stay Brony My Friends, making him the Longevity Record Holder in that department, and with a span of 99 episodes of LP with the return of… no, no, you have to go see it yourself. We’ll spoileriffic you later.

5pm Pacific. Monday 15 June. BE THERE.

Manly Challenge: Second Harvest Food Bank

This week’s challenge, courtesy of Bloo, is to support the Second Harvest Food Bank. Yes. Very Yes.

manly challenge - second harvest

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The Second Harvest Food Bank is among the very best-run, most effective charities in the nation. In cooperation with food wholesalers, restaurants and grocery chains (as well as regular folks like you and me), they feed hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. This is an ongoing need, not just over the holidays, and they need our help. Just a few dollars can be stretched by these folks to feed someone over several days.

Stretch your dollars, you say? DONE. Through the month of May, Second Harvest has a donor (Stand Up for Kids Council) who will match all of the incoming donations one-for-one. This is in addition to our own Caerdwyn’s one-for-five matching, so… math… a dollar becomes $1.20 which is doubled to $2.40… okay, there’s your stretch. 240%.


Manly Challenge: The Wildlife Rescue Association

This week’s Manly Challenge, brought to us by Kelly Sheridan, is to support the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia. How could we refuse?

click on the image to donate

click on the image to donate

Wildlife doesn’t end just because the city begins. Wild animals are with us even in the largest cities. Urban environments are very dangerous for animals, though, and many are injured every day through interactions with humanity, our buildings and our vehicles. The Wildlife Rescue Association provides medical treatment and rehabilitation with the goal of release back into the wild for animals hurt in the cities of British Columbia. They also advise and educate people about how to coexist with urban wildlife, hopefully preventing the very injuries the WRA was created to treat.

Your donations (matched, as always, by a one-for-five matching donation by Caerdwyn up to 100 dollars in matching funds) will help provide the medical care needed. Let’s do it!

Fluttershy-tested, Fluttershy-approved!


We’re back! And what a way to come back… on Monday May 4, at the usual 5pm Pacific, we welcome Kelly Sheridan to Stay Brony, My Friends. Join us. IT”S BLISS.

They told me to not watch My Little Pony... BUT I DIDN'T LISTEN

They told me to not watch My Little Pony… BUT I DIDN’T LISTEN

Kelly is known to us as Starlight Glimmer, a.k.a. Beloved Cult Leader from Cutie Markless. But she’s been in about a billion other shows, with a filmography that just doesn’t quit. There’s a lot to find out, and a lot to ask! (That’s YOUR part, by the way…)

Find us at Canterlot Hill!

Manly Challenge: UNICEF

This week’s Manly Challenge, from the bronies of Babscon, is to support UNICEF’s Kenyan relief effort. Yes. Very yes.

manly challenge - unicef

click on the image to donate

Terrible things happen every day in the world. Most recently, the religion-fueled massacre in Kenya has once again shown that the struggle to bring peace to the world will never end. And it’s always the children who are hit the hardest.

In much of Africa, UNICEF is the leader in helping children orphaned or left homeless by war, disease, crime and famine. They will be on the front lines helping the survivors of the massacre and their families to come through these difficult times and resume the dream of a better, educated future.

Your donations will go to one of the best, most effective organizations on Earth. And with one-for-five matching from Caerdwyn (up to one hundred dollars in matching funds), your help goes even farther.

Maybe we can’t cure the savagery that gives rise to these events. But we can be there to support, to help rebuild, and to show that the rest of us do care.

Hoofwrestlemania 2015 results!

The results are in!

brawniest brony banner

And what a match it was.

Let all doubt be put forever to rest that the event isn’t “real”. Our warriors, Dustykatt (wrestling for The Wounded Warriors Project) and DJ Tetsuo (wrestling for Child’s Play) went at it so hard that the result was a torn muscle and a quick trip to the E.R. (Fear not, our injured DJ will be fine after a couple of weeks). And what was the result?

  • Seed money of $1000 from Caerwdyn
  • An additional $500 from Caerdwyn for the warm-up match (Bloo as Sunset Shimmer versus Lochlan as Adagio Dazzle, with Sunset Shimmer taking the match)
  • Audience donations of $910
  • Donations matched by Caerdwyn for another $910

That’s $3320 raised for these fine charities! The donation pool was divided 2/3 to the winner’s charity (Dustykatt/Wounded Warriors) and 1/3 to the worthy opponent (DJ Tetsuo/Child’s Play).

Come see the donations here and here! (and feel free to add onto it… ya know…)