Senpai KP!

Oh boy. This one is gonna be nuts.

On Monday 19 October, at the usual 5:00pm, Stay Brony My Friends welcomes ILoveKimPossibleALot. You must be there. You MUSSSST.

Don't be fooled by the sweetness and light. She's DANGEROUS.

Don’t be fooled by the sweetness and light. She’s DANGEROUS.

KP, as she prefers to be called, is one of the greats of the MLP analysis community, having mastered the all-too-rare arts of presenting an opinion without inciting huge flamewars. She also brings a certain… energy… which if bottled could solve the world’s problems.

Or, at least, the lack of universal adoration of Senpai DeLancie.


Manly Challenge: The Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children

This week’s Manly Challenge, courtesy of Rena Awake, is to support the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. We are all about that!

manly challenge - atlanta shelter

click on the image to donate

Being homeless is pure misery for anyone, but there are particular dangers and challenges for homeless single women and their children. The Atlanta Day Shelter offers the kinds of help that can end homelessness, including medical help, job training, good meals, and helping to navigate the bureaucratic mazes that surround governmental programs.

This is critical work that is being done. Your donations, matched with the usual one-for-five (up to a hundred in matching funds) by Caerdwyn, will make a life-changing difference. So let’s get on it!

So right. So manly. So good.


On Monday 5 October, at our usual 5pm Pacific on Canterlot Hill, we are crazy-excited to welcome Rena Anakwe to Stay Brony My Friends. This is the good stuff!

Hardest-work pony, hardest-working actress

Hardest-working pony, hardest-working actress… wait, swap that…

Rena Anakwe is the voice of our favorite pony diva, Sapphire Shores. But she is so much more! Also known as DJ Lady Lane, she is a highly skilled musician, actress, dancer and… get this… a Golden Gloves boxing champion. Rena truly is our renaissance pony!

We also are welcoming the planners for Pacific Pony Con, which will be held January 8-10 in San Diego. A perfect cure for winter!

Be there. Oh yes, do be there.

Manly Challenge: The Red Cross (Chilean earthquake)

This week’s Manly Challenge, from the SFM Bronies, is to support disaster relief efforts for the earthquakes in Chile. Consider it done!

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Chile has been hit by a series of powerful earthquakes this year, with a mangitude 8.4 quake happening just a few days ago. Fortunately, this time loss of life was very light in spite of the tsunami that was triggered, but the damage to homes and businesses was heavy. There are thousands of people who need a helping hand.

The American Red Cross is responding, and that means that we are responding! Join us in helping the victims of the Chilean earthquakes, and show that there is something more powerful than the earth moving! Your donations, matched 1-for-5 up to 100 in matching funds by Caerdwyn, will accomplish some real good.

It’s right. It’s manly.

IN 3D!

On Monday, 21 September at the usual 5pm Pacific, at the usual place on Canterlot Hill, we welcome Adam The Amazing, BeardedDoomGuy and DatBronyStan to Stay Brony My Friends. IN <font color=red>3<font color=blue>D</font color>!


Not grim at all!

This band of bronies is responsible for many of the 3D Source Filmmaker (SFM) animations which have been so popular. Join us and learn their animating secrets, and see not one, but two world premiere videos!

Ponies. They’re not just flat any more.

Manly Challenge – The Humane Society

Today’s Manly Challenge, presented by Tina Guo, is to support the Humane Society. Let’s do this!

manly challenge - humane society - tina

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We’re all familiar with the Humane Society and its works. Treating injured animals, finding homes for lost or abandoned pets, and hunting down people who are needlessly or deliberately cruel to animals… that’s the mission. They need support though, and that’s where you come in. Your donations (with the one-for-five match by Caerdwyn up to a hundred dollars) will directly result in animals’ lives being saved.

This one’s a no-brainer. We’re on it!

Heavy metal was never like this

On Monday 24 August, at our usual 5:00pm Pacific, we welcome Tina Guo to Stay Brony My Friends. And we say that’s rockin’, we mean it!


…holy Tempo Allegro, Batpony!

Tina comes to us as the music of Octavia from “Slice of Life”; she is the cello player who made the music happen. She is one of the most forward-thinking musicians in the world, having brought her instrument to heavy metal and rock. She is also a soundtrack composer, having worked on… oh, go see for yourself!

Vivaldi may not have had this in mind…

Join us at Canterlot Hill!

Manly Challenge: Special Olympics

This week’s challenge, from Nick Confalone, is to support the Special Olympics. Challenge accepted!

click on the image to donate

click on the image to donate

We all know what this is about.

The Special Olympics highlights the very best athletes who also have special needs, demonstrating that limitations can be overcome and that excellence is more powerful than any preconceptions. People around the world are given a chance for glory, given a chance to participate, and show what hard work and dedication can accomplish. This is where we show what WE can do with hard work and dedication. Matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to a hundred in matching funds, your donations will help a lot of people make memories that will last a lifetime.

Guys, this is really cool. And supporting the Special Olympics is as manly as bench-pressing four hundred pounds.

…which some of these folks can do.

If show not perfect, we SMASH

On Monday, July 27 at the usual 5pm Pacific, we welcome Nick Confalone to Stay Brony, My Friends. Ain’t it cool!


El Bandito Confalôn

Nick is a new writer on the show, whose first episode was “Party Pooped”. Join us as we yak about the show, smashing things, the physics of Pinkie Pie and how you get away with using “Poop” as part of an episode title.

He apparently also needs a little help with an O.C… something about helicopters and vines… We can do that!

Learn all the things!

Manly Challenge: Developments in Literacy

This week’s challenge, courtesy of Pen Stroke, is to support Developments in Literacy. Ask and it will be done!

manly challenge - Developments in Literacy

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There are places in the world where being female means being condemned to a life of illiteracy and no education. Societies where this happens are among the poorest, most war-torn and worst in health care in the world. But history shows that, without exception, educating the women and girls of a nation leads to better life expectancy, a better standard of living and a much greater chance for peace for everyone involved. And nowhere is this more needed than in the Middle East, where women are treated as little more than property.

Developments in Literacy, a four-star charity, has targeted Pakistan for building schools and for training women to become teachers. By concentrating upon the basics, by building the infrastructure of learning, Developments in Literacy is helping to transform Pakistan from a medieval, tribal battlefield into something better for all.

And we’re here to help them do it! Your donations, matched as always one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to one hundred matched, will go directly to pushing back the darkness.

And that’s manly, yes it is.