Surfing the Big Blue Wave

A report on the experience of hosting “Hey Ocean!” at home
Photos by Ch’marr

Today was an interesting day.

The Vancouver alternative-music band Hey Ocean! has been touring to promote their new album “Is”. The tour itself was funded through a Kickstarter project, and one of the rewards was a “house concert” in which they would stop by the donor’s home and perform an acoustic concert. I can never resist something like that, and it was for an excellent cause. Given that I sometimes like to pretend I’m a patron of the arts… why not. It’s part of how I justify my existence.

All reports I had heard that the members of Hey Ocean! are cool, laid back people. I was not prepared, however, for just how friendly, warm, and absolutely sincere they all were… not just the performers but also their road crew. This was an event that I will carry with me forever.

Here’s how it went down.