THE MANLY CHALLENGE SCORESHEET – click to see how you guys are doing!

One of the defining characteristics of bronies is their charity activism. Bronies are among the most generous people you will find on the Internet, and wherever the herd sets its hoof, support for good causes follows. As examples:

  • Bronies for Good has funded projects supporting orphans in the most war-torn parts of Africa.
  • Massive support for families with children undergoing life-saving medical treatments they could not otherwise afford is ongoing, with Kiki Havivy and Grayson Arroyo benefiting from the generosity of bronies.

The show’s themes of mutual support, caring and unity in the face of adversity have really struck home. In very real ways, bronies are making a positive difference.

It just doesn’t get any manlier than that, does it?

The manly audience of Stay Brony, My Friends is certainly no exception. Therefore, starting with the February 18th 2013 show, every guest will be invited to select a registered charity for the Manly Challenge. The audience is then challenged to raise money for this charity.

That means YOU.

So what’s to know about Manly Challenges and the charitable fund administrators FirstGiving?

  • All donations go through FirstGiving, then straight to the charity. We never touch the money ourselves; we’re just pointing the way. It’s legit, it’s secure, it’s safe, and the money reaches the charities very quickly.
  • FirstGiving is highly experienced, with over 8,000 nonprofit clients, ranging from local PTA drives all the way up to major organizations like the A.S.P.C.A. and the Ronald McDonald House. They have processed more than a billion (with a “B”, yup) dollars in donations, and enjoy an outstanding rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
  • It’s easy! First-time donors need only a brief registration. There also is no minimum.
  • Each Manly Challenge will have its own blog posting here. Stay tuned, and check back often!
  • To donate, click on the Manly Challenge in each blog post. The challenges will look like the one below (yes, this one is real and live!), Check it out. No prizes or matching fund for this one, as it’s used as an example and Caerdwyn has already been “persuaded” to donate, but that’s no excuse to not give a few bucks to the March of Dimes:

Manly challenge - march of dimesSAMPLE MANLY CHALLENGE: THE MARCH OF DIMES

There are also incentives.

First, there are matching funds. For every five dollars each charity drive raises in the first two weeks, Caerdwyn will donate one dollar, up to a matching donation of one hundred dollars. Leverage your generosity! Drain that bastard Caerdwyn’s wallet!

Second, each Manly Challenge comes with a prize! All donors who donate at least five dollars within the first two weeks of a Manly Challenge are eligible for a drawing for a prize. To participate, make sure you are registered here, then use the same screen name/nickname at FirstGiving. Winning names, as well as high donors, will be announced on Stay Brony, My Friends. You will then be contacted by the email address you used to register here to arrange delivery of your prize. NOTE: prizes requiring mailing are limited to the continental United States and APO/FPO addresses only, sorry.  (Also, to prevent someone from trying to poach a donor’s name, donor names on the FirstGiving page for each contest will remain hidden until after the drawing.)

Third, there is recognition. We are once again showing the world who we are and what we are all about.

Stay manly. Stay generous. Stay brony.