This website is a celebration of the manliest television show in the world… My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Let’s call it MLP:FIM for short.

Chances are you already know about MLP:FIM. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be here. However, there’s always the chance that you’re new to this whole “pony thing”, or that you have no idea what makes this show so hairy-chested bare-knuckled manly. Let us give you some edumication.

Yes, MLP:FIM is primarily targeted for a female audience. Specifically, MLP:FIM is for the dolls-and-tea-parties-aged girl, in the hopes that the show’s owners, Hasbro Inc., can sell My Little Pony merchandise. However, the show’s creator Lauren Faust didn’t want to make yet another vapid brain-rotting series of 30 minute infomercials; she wanted a show that would have strong, interesting characters doing things that would teach its audience to be strong, interesting people. She wanted a show that would not be insulting to the intelligence of girls or that of their parents. She wanted a show that would help girls become confident, caring, and independent young women. She wanted a show that was good.

The thing is, a good story transcends a narrowly-targeted audience. As the great author C.S. Lewis put it, if you want to tell a great children’s story, write a great story that is also applicable to children; if you write only for children, you cannot write a great story. Thus, when Lauren Faust created great stories and great characters and a mesmerizing world, she created something that would speak to everybody…

…including the roughest, toughest, manliest of men. Chuck Norris-class men. Men that can meet the steely gaze of Clint Eastwood. Men that can charge a machine-gun nest. Men that can run with outlaw bikers. Men that can stand up to the world and its narrow-minded views of what men should be and say “Yeah, I like My Little Pony. You got a problem with that?”

We call these men, these brothers, “bronies”. Bros who like the ponies. Bronies aren’t intimidated by childish Internet trolls. Bronies aren’t impressed by pin-headed “reality show” vultures. Bronies know that worthy men, manly men, aren’t chauvanistic, homophobic, or living in denial of their positive emotions. Bronies have risen above the cynical destructive culture of Internet hipsters and bitter, hateful old talk-show hosts and stated “we can do better than this, we can create and help others instead of tearing each other down”.

Enter Dusty, the Manliest Brony in the World.

It all started with a parody video which took the Most Interesting Man in the World ads for beer and turned them on their head. Dusty, a man whom only a fool would insult to his face, a Harley-Davidson mechanic who was a defensive end in his college football team, a professional wrestler, a bodyguard and a medieval martial artist, declared his pony affiliation as the self-titled “Manliest Brony in the World”. It was done as a joke, a few seconds of YouTube comedy that nobody in his right mind would take seriously

Almost half a million views later, with nobody more surprised than Dusty as to the viral success of his video, The Manliest Brony in the World has become a minor Internet phenomenon. Dusty’s personal style and showmanship resulted in a Internet video show “Stay Brony, My Friends“. Encouraged by a supportive audience, he has recorded songs, created comedy videos, and put his reputation on the line to demonstrate that being a brony (and all that stands for) are nothing to be ashamed of.

Trolls bite at his ankles, only to wither away to obscurity in their mothers’ basements.

His mustache has been declared a World Heritage Site.

There is more testosterone in the sweat of his brow than in the entire Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

He is… the Manliest Brony in the World.

And if you take him seriously, you deserve to, because Celestia knows he doesn’t.

Here at the Manliest Website in the World, bronies gather to share their experiences, wisdom, and a keg of beer. Your host Dusty, along with his intrepid sidekick Screwball and mysterious enforcer Caerdwyn, will be presenting the manliest aspects of the already-manly brony community. In addition to discussion about the show, there will be an advice column for bronies ascending the summit of manliness, calls to action on charitable causes and worthy goals (because dammit, helping other people is the manliest thing in the world), and offering insights into manly adventures, manly recipes, and of course highlighting the very best that the brony fandom has to offer.

You can probably feel the hair growing on your chest even as you read this. (Sorry ’bout that, gals…)

Our staff:

Dustykatt: The Manliest Brony in the World. Editor-In-Chief

Screwball: Moderator, Editor

Caerdwyn: Moderator, Editor, Technical Contact