NOTE: This article is intended to help guests who have already been booked on the Stay Brony, My Friends show. If you want to talk to Dusty about appearing on the show or have questions about the Manly Challenges, instead of commenting on this article, you should contact Dusty directly at dusty -at- manliestbrony -dot- com. Thanks!

You’re about to be a guest on Stay Brony, My Friends. You’re about to be barraged with questions and ponies and asked your life story and all that. It’s all so… weird! What exactly should you expect?

A few days before the show:

  • Check with your agent or employer if you think you have to. We do not want you to get into trouble over this.
  • Finalize the commitment. Be there or be mule!
  • Let Dusty know if there are any especially interesting topics (including non-pony-related stuff) you want to bring up
  • Let Dusty know if there are any topics you’d rather avoid, whatever the reason.
  • Make sure you’re set up with Skype if that’s the way you’re going to be calling in.
  • Make sure Dusty has your contact info, and you have his, in case something changes. If you can’t make it, please let us know ASAP so we can make alternate arrangements.
  • Pick a charity for the Manly Challenge. We really, really prefer a charity that or cover for a variety of reasons:
    • FirstGiving and CandaHelps show the nicknames of the donors. This allows us to match donors to users here at for the purposes of the “Thank you” drawing we have on each show.
    • FirstGiving and CandaHelps show the amount of the donation. This allows us to make sure that exceptional donors are given the proper shout-out on the show, and that people aren’t sneaking in with a 1-cent donation just to get in on the drawing; it also lets us know how we’re doing.
    • By having a public donor list, there is no “someone else will donate so I’m off the hook” excuse. Visitors can see if people are slacking, and that their help is needed. It also helps to promote bronies as a group, and to reinforce the concept of bronies as generous people.
    • “If you want it, chart it.” A running total of donations communicates exactly what is going on, and gives people incentive to donate.
    • FirstGivingĀ and CandaHelps both have bulletproof reputation for handling the money.
    • FirstGiving andĀ and CandaHelps send out summaries of donations for tax purposes, including the all important “EIN” (for Americans) or BN (for Canadians) identifiers that the tax people will accept.
    • Don’t worry about being a Canadian asking Americans to help a Canadian charity, or vice versa. We’re bronies. We’re above that peculiar brand of nationalism. That’s part of why bronies freakin’ rock, and something you as a Manliest Guest should be proud of helping to create; it’s part of why you’re here. That being said, national and international charities get more donations from our viewers than highly specialized or regional charities; people are more likely to donate if they feel some sort of connection to the charity in question.
  • If you need help picking a charity, or have your heart set on something not on FirstGiving or CanadaHelps, please let us know as soon as possible so we can either help select a charity you’re interested in or to figure out a way to get what we need from the non-FirstGiving/non-CanadaHelps charity. We can usually make it work, but not if it’s a last-moment thing.
  • Please don’t select overtly religious, political, or hot-button causes like a political candidate, extremists like Earth First, etc. We have a very diverse audience, and don’t want to alienate people. We have observed that with our audience, medical charities do best while social causes do least well; national and global charities do better than regional charities.
  • We usually raise between 500 and 1,000 dollars for a charity. We don’t push harder because we don’t want to exhaust our viewers; “donor fatigue” is real, and we’ve experienced it firsthand.

On the day of the show:

  • About 15-30 minutes before the show, call in (or we’ll call you). We generally use Skype for this, as it’s free and (usually) reliable.
  • Dusty will go over how the show works with you.
  • The donation page for your charity will go live.

During the show:

  • At 5pm Pacific, the show starts.
  • An introduction bumper will be played.
  • You’ll go live and Dusty will welcome you to the show.
  • If an introduction video highlighting who you are has been prepared, it will then be played.
  • Dusty will talk with you for about half an hour. General talk, plus questions prepared in advance.
  • There will be a “commercial” (usually a ponified parody of a regular commercial, occasionally a “real” commercial for a pony fan artist or WeLoveFine) that lasts from 1 to 3 minutes
  • When the commercial is over, the previous charity will be discussed, results communicated, and the charity thank-you drawing will be held.
  • Dusty will then ask you about your charity. This is where you tell us about the charity, and why it is important to you.
  • Dusty’s web-chat moderator Screwball will join the conversation. Screwball filters the questions coming in via text chat for appropriateness and presents them to you and Dusty.
  • Sometime around 6:00 there will be a “flash news event” interruption. This is the “Equestria Inquirer” segment, which will last a couple of minutes. It will happen suddenly, so don’t be surprised!
  • At around 6:25 Dusty will begin wrapping up the show. Note that if things are going very well and you have the time, we have the flexibility to stretch for a few minutes.
  • We traditionally end with turning the tables. You’re the interviewer now. Have a question ready for Dusty and Screwball!
  • Dusty concludes the show, gives a last goodbye to you (and you can say goodbye to the audience) and the video feed ends.

Please note that during the breaks (commercial, intro, etc.) the viewers who are using LiveStream’s mobile client will not be seeing the commercial; they can still hear you. Also, please keep in mind that we are an all-audiences show.

And that’s it! You’re gonna have a great time, so sit back, enjoy the ride, and realize that you will be asked “who is Best Pony”!