If you’re here, you’ve already made the biggest leap into manliness: defining for yourself what is masculine. We all agree that real men can watch My Little Pony without losing any of their machismo; it is the trolls and anklebiters who are showing they are not yet real men.

Now that you’ve taken the first step, there are other activities which confident, self-assured, independent men can do (and do well) that the adolescents-at-heart have avoided with fear. These are also life-skills that the newly-minted adult male might not have been exposed to due to the shortcomings of modern Western society, or simply because nobody ever showed you. Well, we’re going to fix that.

Limitations aren’t manly.

In the Manly Guides, we are going to discuss skills that you might not have been exposed to:

  • How to cook without resorting to a microwave. Being unable to cook is not a badge of a swingin’ stud… it’s a mark of being a child who still needs mommy.
  • How to do basic car maintenance. Everyone should be able to change a flat tire safely, check their car’s oil, and jump start a car with a dead battery.
  • How to present yourself as a gentlepony. The value of this should be self-explanatory.
  • …and, of course, how to grow and care for an epic moustache.

Keep an eye on these pages for guides and videos which will demystify the mystic mysteries of masculine manliness. And remember, all of the above apply to women too… except for the mustache part.