This week’s challenge, brought to you by Big Jim Miller, is to support the Children’s Arts Umbrella. Buck yeah!

manly challenge - arts umbrella

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“Awesome” doesn’t come from nowhere. It is crafted, nurtured, taught and inspired. Nowhere is this as true as in the arts.

Unfortunately, it’s always arts programs which first get the funding axe. In schools it’s the first casualty of a bad government budget year, and is the last (if ever) to be restored. It therefore falls upon the rest of us to support art education, to help our schools teach more than just how to pass a standardized test or how to be an unimaginative worker bee. The Children’s Arts Umbrella does exactly that, giving Vancouver kids the early inspiration to help them reach their creative potential.

And we’ve seen how THAT turns out!

Your donations, matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to 100 dollars in matching funds, will help ensure we have future generations of unbridled awesomeness!