On Monday November 30, at the special time of 7:30 Pacific, we make room for Big Jim Miller. You may have heard of him, he’s the director of this show about technicolor horses…

"Big" jim, because "Medium" Jim just doesn't sound as awesome.

“Big” Jim, because “Medium” Jim just doesn’t sound as awesome.

This is a fellow who has yet to¬† do anything but awesome. Not only has he worked his way to the top of the My Little Pony world, he also is one of the creative forces behind Ed, Edd and Eddy. Rumor also has it that he’s… well, you’re just going to have to be there, aren’t you?

Join us at Canterlot Hill, at 7:30 Pacific (later than usual because he has this day job, something to do with candy-colored equines…)!