This week’s Manly Challenge, brought to you by Peter New, is to support KidPower. Yes. Yes we will.

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Online and classroom bullying has become a major problem. It’s not “boys will be boys” any more, and the goals of the bullies are no longer limited to pushing someone into a locker or taking their lunch money. This has become a deadly problem, even in fandoms dedicated to positive shows. Governments are not taking this seriously, schools are not taking this seriously, so it’s up to us to take up the slack.

KidPower is an international organization dedicated to solving the problem of bullying. By seeking prevention wherever possible and prosecution when not, by educating parents and police and lawmakers that this isn’t a minor problem that can be swept under the rug, KidPower seeks and end to the hate. Your donations, matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to 100 in matching funds, go directly to fighting the good fight.

And we stand beside them.