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Manly Challenge: The Children’s Arts Umbrella

This week’s challenge, brought to you by Big Jim Miller, is to support the Children’s Arts Umbrella. Buck yeah!

manly challenge - arts umbrella

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“Awesome” doesn’t come from nowhere. It is crafted, nurtured, taught and inspired. Nowhere is this as true as in the arts.

Unfortunately, it’s always arts programs which first get the funding axe. In schools it’s the first casualty of a bad government budget year, and is the last (if ever) to be restored. It therefore falls upon the rest of us to support art education, to help our schools teach more than just how to pass a standardized test or how to be an unimaginative worker bee. The Children’s Arts Umbrella does exactly that, giving Vancouver kids the early inspiration to help them reach their creative potential.

And we’ve seen how THAT turns out!

Your donations, matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to 100 dollars in matching funds, will help ensure we have future generations of unbridled awesomeness!

Manly Challenge: Georgia SPCA

This week’s Manly Challenge is to support the Georgia Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Yes, yes, very yes!

manly challenge - Georgia SPCA

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There is little in the world worse than a betrayal of trust. When humanity turns its back on animals that we have assumed responsibility for, or chooses to deliberately inflict pain just for the sake of doing so, this is betrayal in its worst form.And need we even discuss the barbaric practice of dogfighting and cockfighting?

Your donations (matched 1-for-5 up to one hundred dollars by Caerdwyn) will help the Georgia SPCA in its mission. Care and protection. That’s what it’s all about. And it doesn’t get manlier than that.


On Monday 5 October, at our usual 5pm Pacific on Canterlot Hill, we are crazy-excited to welcome Rena Anakwe to Stay Brony My Friends. This is the good stuff!

Hardest-work pony, hardest-working actress

Hardest-working pony, hardest-working actress… wait, swap that…

Rena Anakwe is the voice of our favorite pony diva, Sapphire Shores. But she is so much more! Also known as DJ Lady Lane, she is a highly skilled musician, actress, dancer and… get this… a Golden Gloves boxing champion. Rena truly is our renaissance pony!

We also are welcoming the planners for Pacific Pony Con, which will be held January 8-10 in San Diego. A perfect cure for winter!

Be there. Oh yes, do be there.

IN 3D!

On Monday, 21 September at the usual 5pm Pacific, at the usual place on Canterlot Hill, we welcome Adam The Amazing, BeardedDoomGuy and DatBronyStan to Stay Brony My Friends. IN <font color=red>3<font color=blue>D</font color>!


Not grim at all!

This band of bronies is responsible for many of the 3D Source Filmmaker (SFM) animations which have been so popular. Join us and learn their animating secrets, and see not one, but two world premiere videos!

Ponies. They’re not just flat any more.

Manly Challenge: Foundation Fighting Blindness

This week’s Manly Challenge, from the Manliest Sea Serpent (Lee Tockar), is to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Yeah… yeah, we can do that… LIKE WE DID BEFORE!

“Degenerative retinal disease” is far too often just another way of saying “you’re going to be blind someday”, and even more chilling, is frequently followed by “and there’s not a lot that can be done to stop it”. Consider for a moment what it means to be told this, and to have it hanging over you… and day by day, to have it play out.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is in the forefront of research into education, prevention and cures in this critical area. Progress is being made, but the clock is ticking for far too many people (including our good friend Lee Tockar). Your donations will go directly into dealing with this family of diseases (matched as always one-for-five, up to a hundred in matching funds, by Caerdwyn) with some of the most hardworking, dedicated doctors and scientists in the world at your side.

DO IT. The eyeballs you save could be your own!

Poetry Schmoetry, it’s all Maryke to me.

On Monday 9 March, at the usual 5pm Pacific time, Stay Brony My Friends welcomes Maryke Hendrikse. And what a welcome it is!

Maryke 2

Actors call this “range”.

We all remember Gilda, who was the biggest bit– er, griffon in the series. But Maryke is so much more. She played Bubbles in Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, Sonata Dusk in Rainbow Rocks, and…

…right. We’re expected to do a sonnet now, right? Puns and all that? FINE. BE THAT WAY.

On the wings of eagles rare
Behind the lion’s roar
Griffon stately, strong as a bear
Doom to dweebs, and so much more.

Siren, creature of the deeps
Banished to a mundane school
Surrounded by the lame-o creeps
Oft believed to play the fool

Also the sweetest PowerPuff
Sugar, spice, Chemical X
For Townsville’s folk she is enough
To leave the streets a burning wreck.

All these things and so much more are brought to you with Dustykatt
Canterlot Hill is where it’s found, five o’clock is when it’s at.

Poetry worth exactly what you paid for it.

FLASH CHARITY EVENT: Second Harvest Food Bank

Once again, Baron Engel is drawing for us live, and once again, we are running a flash charity event! Everyone who donates during the live show is entered into a drawing… for the drawing… that Baron will be drawing.

manly challenge - second harvest

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The Second Harvest Food Bank is among the very best-run, most effective charities in the nation. In cooperation with food wholesalers, restaurants and grocery chains (as well as regular folks like you and me), they feed hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. This is an ongoing need, not just over the holidays, and they need our help. Just a few dollars can be stretched by these folks to feed someone over several days.

So let’s do it! Your dollars. Someone’s ability to eat. It’s all tied together.

SPECIAL EVENT: Hearts and Hooves live show with Baron Engel

He’s baaaaaack…

Baron Engel, is known for a whole bunch of stuff:

A video, even one that’s over two years old, is worth a thousand words:

Baron is going to be back with us on Monday February 16th around 6pm Pacific. This is a special event, much like the Hearth’s Warming Eve and New Year’s Eve events, in which he will be drawing live for us, and giving away the results. HOW COOL IS THAT? Given that this guy gets hundreds of bucks for his color work, this is not a small thing.

We will also be having a “flash charity” event just for the duration of the stream, with donors being eligible for a drawing for the um… for the drawing. And no drawing conclusions or drawing out the suspense either!

Be there.

LIVE EVENT: Pop them champagne corks

The Christmas Eve informal goof-off stream proved to be a great success, so we’re going to do another on New Year’s Eve! Watch Dusty’s Twitter for exact times, etc., but a good guess will be around 8pm Pacific.

The stream will be right over here.


Your host, Calvados

So what’s on the menu?

  • Our good friend Baron Engel will be back, sketching for charity like he did Christmas Eve
  • A “flash charity” event, with giveaway drawings for donors (including the sketch that Baron will be doing). Always awesome, so set aside a few dollars for a good cause
  • We’ll also have SnowflakeIRL hanging about being his silly self
  • A brief live game stream to show you all how terrible we are
  • Mmmmaybe a call-in VIP if we can arrange it (we had some good fortune Christmas Eve and scored ourselves an Ingrid Nilsen/Maud Pie).
  • Depending upon whether folks are into it or not, we might also turn the camera on a Cards Against Humanity game, or Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder. Silly guaranteed! (Of course, the freely-flowing cider might have something to do with that)
  • Our dogs barking at every little weird noise

Yeah, it gets busy.

Our flash charity will be the Wounded Warriors Project.

manly challenge - wounded warriors 2014

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Whatever else you might think of the wars that we have become involved in, there is no question the devotion to duty and courage of the soldiers who answer the call. Unfortunately, many of them pay a terrible price as the cost of that devotion, and their governments do not support them or their families nearly enough.

It’s therefore up to us to take up the slack. Your donation to the Wounded Warriors Project provides medical, psychological and financial support for gravely wounded soldiers and their families.

To hell with anyone’s politics. This is about doing the right thing, and that transcends all else.

Hearth’s Warming Eve stream!

Join us at our special events page for an informal Hearth’s Warming Eve stream! Hang out, chat, whatevers.

There will be cider. Oh yes there will.

We also are having a flash charity event: the Second Harvest Food Bank.

manly challenge - second harvest

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As wonderful as our holidays are, there are those for whom this is just another cold, wet hungry winter’s night. It’s Christmas Eve, yet there are people who won’t be able to eat.


Please. Donate.