Manly Challenge – ASPCA

This week’s manly challenge, courtesy of Silverslinger, is a continuation of Tommy Oliver’s challenge: Support the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. GO OVER HERE. Then click on a bunch of stuff!

We didn’t quite make it last week, but this is the holiday season. We understand. But the animals in need of support, especially in the winter season, won’t have much of a holiday without donations to make it happen. Let’s do it!

Hi ho Silverslinger!

At 5pm PST on Monday December 15, Stay Brony My Friends will welcome Silverslinger to the show. And no, we do not regret the title of this post one bit.



Silverslinger is a master jeweler whose creations adorn the lapels of many of the show’s voice actors. Those of you who attend ponycons have seen his work up-close and personal in the dealer’s room, and also know him as a consummate gentleman. Best of all, he is crazy-generous, donating many of his most elaborate designs to charity auction, resulting in many thousands of dollars of good old-fashioned brony goodwill helping the finest causes.

Rumors around Canterlot also claim that he is the one who crafted the Alicorn Amulet, so we’d best keep an eye on him and interrogate him mercilessly. That’s where YOU come in, we need those questions!

(and it’s not too late to get some Silverslinger jewelry for your Special Somepony for holiday gift-giving… HINT HINT)

Manly Challenge: SPCA

This week’s challenge, courtesy of Tommy Oliver, is to support the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Mission accepted!

manly challenge - SPCA - tommy oliver

click on the image to donate

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age animal abuse is still a widespread problem, but that’s the sad truth. Neglect, cruelty, and cold indifference all create misery and pain for animals, both wild and domesticated. Overflowing shelters, abandoned pets and inhumane practices are the result.

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has taken up this challenge, and so have we! Your donations will go to one of the best-run animal welfare organizations in the country. Even a small contribution directly results in a saved animal life. Your donations will be stretched even further by a one-for-five matching donation from Caerdwyn (up to a hundred in matching funds).

Join us in doing the right thing.

Analyze all the things!

On Monday December 1, at the usual 5pm Pacific, Stay Brony My Friends will be joined by Tommy Oliver. Let’s analyze what this means…

tommy oliver

He has a big brain. That must explain the hat…

Tommy is best known for his excellent FIMpressions series of analysis videos. He is one of the founders of the analysis/critique community within the brony fandom… but did you know he’s also an artist, a writer, and has a megabighuge project coming up?

Find out all about it. Analyze all the things. Be there.

Manly Challenge: Opportunity International

This week’s challenge, brought to you by Dave Hammons (a.k.a. “Joe Stevens”), is to support Opportunity International. And we’re up for that!

manly challenge - Opportunity International - Joe Stevens

click in the image to donate

The deck is stacked against people in the poorest part of the world, where the saying “it takes money to make money” is the harsh fact that traps people into the cycle of poverty. Opportunity Interational, through its many local projects, is breaking people out of those traps. By restoring vital neighborhood businesses in the wake of disasters, by teaching how to run a business, and by providing the seed-money to make dreams of financial independence a reality for women in countries that refuse to educate females, Opportunity International lifts people into better lives.

The best part of all is that your donations keep on giving. Through its microloan programs, successful projects can be turned around to fund new projects, again and again. This is far more than a basic charity… it’s an engine of hope that keeps running.

As always, your donations will be matched one-for-five, up to a hundred dollars in matching funds, by Caerdwyn, so your dollars will go even farther.

It’s amazing how far a few dollars can go. And we’re going to go there!

The news! It’s almost as good as facts!

NEWS FLASH: At 5pm Pacific on November 18, Stay Brony My Friends will be welcoming Dave Hammons, a.k.a. Joe Stevens. When news breaks, Joe is there to repair it!

joe stevens

Joe Stevens: Keeping Equestrians Sorta Informed Since 2011

The Equestria Inquirer is one of the oldest comedy bronycasts out there, going back all the way to 2011, and this is the man behind it. Known to us as “Joe Stevens”, Dave Hammons has been bringing the hard-hitting coverage, the very juiciest fact-like phrases, and exposing the truthiness behind the Equestrian throne. We all need something vaguely resembling information, and the Equestria Inquirer is something vaguely resembling that!

He’s been scarce lately though. What could he have been up to during that time? Rumors of professional scriptwriting and novels need to be investigated! Be there to turn the tables on Joe, ask him the questions that ponies all over the world demand the answers to! Now back to you, Dusty!

Manly Challenge: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

This week’s Manly Challenge, presented by DRWolf, is to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Yes, we are going to do this!

manly challenge - AFSP - DRWolf

click on the image to donate

There’s just not a whole lot to be said about suicide and the need to support this cause. The case of Michael Morones has shown just how close and personal this is to all of us, and we need to do whatever it takes to ensure this never, ever happens again.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention works tirelessly to help those who are on the edge, and to fight the pressures that push people there. This is an issues where life and death is decided by whether help is available right now. Supporting the AFSP with your donation is literally an act of life-saving. As always, your support is matched one dollar for five (up to a hundred in matching funds) by Caerdwyn.

Do it. This is in a very literal sense life and death, and the life you save could be someone you know.

The Doctor Is In

On Monday the 3rd of November, at 5pm Pacific (you DID update your clocks for Daylight Saving Time, right?), Stay Brony My Friends welcomes DRWolf. Woot!


okay, this is just plain creepy

Doc Wolf, known as DRWolf001 on YouTube, is one of the leading analysts of Our Beloved Show. But he does much more than just reviews and editorials; he dives deep into the backstory and setting of Equestria and its inhabitants, and is also a mighty fine dramatic reader. And holy horsey hangovers, he’s done a lot of work! Google had to buy more hard drives just because of him!

We’ll be there. He’ll be there. You’ll be there. It’s a thing at the place.

Manly Challenge: Project True

This week’s challenge, courtesy of Ingrid Nilson, is to support Project True. We are going to support the heck out of it!

manly challenge - Project True - Ingrid Nilson

click on the image to donate

Self-image, with respect to how we view our bodies, is the heart of many eating disorders. Bombarded by advertising and “perfect” body-ideals by the media, many people find themselves in self-destructive eating patterns, obsession with exercise leading to steroid abuse, and depression. People who can’t match their “perfect” physical self-image either give up and overeat into obesity, or drive themselves into a hospital… or into an early grave. This isn’t a minor issue.

Recovering from a lifetime of exposure to unrealistic and unhealthy body-images is not easy, but that’s exactly what Project True is about. They’re up to the challenge, and so are we! Your donation will go to education, treatment programs, training teachers and fitness instructors, and even to help businesses do their part. Better yet…

We’ve got a dollar-for-dollar match from Porte Development Company, in addition the the usual one-for-five from Caerdwyn. This means that every dollar you donate is multiplied by 240%. Talk about leverage! And they’re so excited about our support they’ve plastered us all over their main page!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Project True’s donations are via PayPal. They will collect the names and donation amounts and send them to us, but they won’t be visible on the website. Also, Paypal’s web designers are idiots. If you are donating from someplace other than Canada, when you select the country, you have to click somewhere on the side to force the page to display the proper list of states/provinces.

Let’s do this.

Sister was a rolling stone

Rock. Because you rock, there will be rocks. Stay Brony My Friends will rock at 5pm Pacific on Monday October 20 with Ingrid Nilson, voice actress for Maud Pie. That rocks.


If she had a dollar for every rock-joke, she’d have a whole lot of dollars. And rocks.

Join us! This is going to r— um, this is going to be great! Ingrid Nilson will be with us to discuss the difference between gneiss and basalt, how to tie yourself up in a knot with yoga (something she shares with a certain Weird Al), extemporaneous poetry, and a whole boat-load of other things.

When my thoughts turn dark and feral
I reflect upon a chrysoberyl
Hexagonal in perfect form, which for its crystal is the norm
And when I fear I am a fool I
seek out a lovely lapis lazuli
I feel less blue as you can see, for it is far more blue than me
Semi-precious gems abound
I seek them out within the ground
Metamorphic, meditative, carboniferous, contemplative
Rocks rock.