Manly Challenge: Project True

This week’s challenge, courtesy of Ingrid Nilson, is to support Project True. We are going to support the heck out of it!

manly challenge - Project True - Ingrid Nilson

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Self-image, with respect to how we view our bodies, is the heart of many eating disorders. Bombarded by advertising and “perfect” body-ideals by the media, many people find themselves in self-destructive eating patterns, obsession with exercise leading to steroid abuse, and depression. People who can’t match their “perfect” physical self-image either give up and overeat into obesity, or drive themselves into a hospital… or into an early grave. This isn’t a minor issue.

Recovering from a lifetime of exposure to unrealistic and unhealthy body-images is not easy, but that’s exactly what Project True is about. They’re up to the challenge, and so are we! Your donation will go to education, treatment programs, training teachers and fitness instructors, and even to help businesses do their part. Better yet…

We’ve got a dollar-for-dollar match from Porte Development Company, in addition the the usual one-for-five from Caerdwyn. This means that every dollar you donate is multiplied by 240%. Talk about leverage! And they’re so excited about our support they’ve plastered us all over their main page!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Project True’s donations are via PayPal. They will collect the names and donation amounts and send them to us, but they won’t be visible on the website. Also, Paypal’s web designers are idiots. If you are donating from someplace other than Canada, when you select the country, you have to click somewhere on the side to force the page to display the proper list of states/provinces.

Let’s do this.

Sister was a rolling stone

Rock. Because you rock, there will be rocks. Stay Brony My Friends will rock at 5pm Pacific on Monday October 20 with Ingrid Nilson, voice actress for Maud Pie. That rocks.


If she had a dollar for every rock-joke, she’d have a whole lot of dollars. And rocks.

Join us! This is going to r— um, this is going to be great! Ingrid Nilson will be with us to discuss the difference between gneiss and basalt, how to tie yourself up in a knot with yoga (something she shares with a certain Weird Al), extemporaneous poetry, and a whole boat-load of other things.

When my thoughts turn dark and feral
I reflect upon a chrysoberyl
Hexagonal in perfect form, which for its crystal is the norm
And when I fear I am a fool I
seek out a lovely lapis lazuli
I feel less blue as you can see, for it is far more blue than me
Semi-precious gems abound
I seek them out within the ground
Metamorphic, meditative, carboniferous, contemplative
Rocks rock.


We just don’t know what— no, we DO know

UPDATE: Trying again today, Mon. the 13th, at 5pm Pacific. Be there!

This week’s Stay Brony My Friends unfortunately had to be canceled. LiveStream was suffering constant up-and-down problems (as it does from time to time). Those boys and girls need some help.

But fear not! We will have the folks from Brony: the Musical back as soon as possible. Watch this spot for announcements and updates.

In the meantime, though, you can get a head start on their Manly Challenge HINT HINT…

Manly Challenge: Love Our Children USA

This week’s Manly Challenge, brought by the cast and crew of Bronies: The Musical, is to support Love Our Children USA. Covered!

manly challenge - love our children

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Bullying is serious, and has struck us all close to home. No longer is it just about “he took my lunch money” or “she called me a name”… today’s bullies are out for blood, and as our own community found out, sometimes they get it. Driven by Internet anonymity and callous indifference from law enforcement, bullying has escalated into sometimes-deadly cycles of abuse. It has to stop.

Love Our Children USA is one of the leading anti-bullying campaigns in the United States. They are attacking bullying from all angles: reducing the causes of bullying, teaching children how to respond to it when it happens,  and pushing for legislation and meaningful action. Your donations will go towards preventing the abusive behavior that so many of us endured in our own lives, and with one-for-five matching (up to a hundred dollars in matching funds), your reach is extended even further.

Let’s do this! We are more powerful than the bullies.

The hills are alive with the sound of… Bronies?

On Monday the 6th of October, at the usual 5pm Pacific, the producers of Bronies: the Musical will be joining us on Stay Brony, My Friends. We are stoked!


next up: a Kickstarter for storage space for all their awards

Though it seemed an odd subject for a musical (Hinny of the Hills nonwithstanding), Bronies: The Musical seems to have pulled it off in grand style. Awards, encore runs, successful Kickstarters… the checklist is complete. This isn’t something that many of us have much familiarity with though, so the questions will be thick and fast.

Join us and find out what it’s all about! …oh wait, it’s about YOU. Might want to check into what they’re saying then, right?

Manly Challenge : Free the Children

This week’s Manly Challenge, brought to us by Rebecca Shoichet, is to support Free the Children. Heck yeah!

Human rights has become a cause that any decent person can get behind. But too often there is a gap in who is protected, a gap that has to do with age and not having a voice that a country’s legal system recognizes. This gap is children’s rights.

Far too often, children can be exploited for cheap labor, or be the last to receive the help they need in the face of poverty. Since children don’t vote and children can’t stand up and say “We are human too” in the eyes of the law, they find themselves last in line to be able to receive the protection that adults receive. This is where Free the Children comes in.

Not only does Free the Children fight to get children the legal protections they deserve, they also teach children that they do not need to take the abuse and exploitation. They show children how to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others, and how to get the help they need when others fail them.

Your donation directly results in better lives in places where the attitude towards children has been terrible. In addition, your donation will be matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn, up to a hundred dollars in matching funds. Stretch those dollars!

What better cause is this? Let’s do it!

You’re in some trouble now.

On Monday, September 22 at the usual 5:00pm Pacific time, Stay Brony My Friends is happy to welcome back Rebecca Shoichet. Let the trumpets sound and the… things that aren’t trumpets… sound too!


She’s got her eye on you.

Rebecca is one of the most versatile of all the Voices of Equestria. As the singing voice of Twilight Sparkle, she is leading the charge in many of the greatest emotional moments in the show… if Twilight’s breaking your heart with a lovely song, IT’S ALL HER FAULT. And as Sunset Shimmer, she is a villainess most dastardly. Talk about having a wide range…

And she’s back! Just in time for Rainbow Rocks, too. Our reformed troublemaker, Sunset Shimmer, is front-and-center in the upcoming movie. Bring your questions, because she’s bringing answers!

Well. THIS is an honor.

It seems that Canada Helps has taken an interest in brony fundraising, and used us (meaning YOU guys) as their exemplar. Woo!

CanadaHelps Logo English (stacked, no tag, transparent background)Canada Helps is one of the fundraising clearing-houses that we use for our Manly Challenges (the other being the US-based Many of our Manly Challenges have been for Canada-based charities, and after a dozen of ‘em we came to the attention of the people who run Canada Helps. They got curious, they asked questions, we answered, and they said “wow”. They put together a blog post on their main site, in their Giving Life editorials, and now you’re all fundraising superstars!

GivingLife Logo EnglishBe proud. Seriously, you guys should be very, very proud. The largest charity-enabling organization in Canada (400 million bucks and counting) is pointing at bronies and saying “THIS is how you do it.” This is about YOU, the people who open their wallets and give because they want to do the right thing.

Hats off to you.

Manly Challenge: The ALS Association

This week’s challenge, brought to you by Animated James, is to support the ALS Association. And that’s what we’re gonna do!

manly challenge - ALS - Animated James

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ALS. Lou Gherig’s Disease. You’ve heard a lot about it lately, but it’s not about ice-bucket-challenges. It’s about finding a cure. ALS is a a disease that eats away at its victims’ spinal cords, causing paralysis and death. Raising awareness is great, but the bottom line is this: donations translate directly to treatment, research, and someday, a cure.

Cold water aside, this is where good intentions become good actions. Manly actions. The right actions.

As always, your donations will be matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to a hundred dollars in matching funds. So donate and stay dry!

Get Animated. Get James.

On Monday September 8, at the usual 5:30pm PDT, Stay Brony My Friends is welcoming Animated James. Awww yeah!


I guess Dusty forgot to beat it.

Animated James is one of YouTube’s most watched animators, having amassed millions (literally) of views. He’s known not just for Pony, but for a bunch of other stuff as well, such as “C Students“.


Because ponies. And because James.