Manly Challenge – Riders for Health

This week’s challenge, courtesy of Will Anderson, is to support Riders for Health. The cool-factor on this one is off the charts!

click on the image to donate

click on the image to donate

Medicine is life, in the most immediate, meaningful sense. All the scientific advances in the world don’t mean a thing, though, if you can’t get the medicine to where it’s needed. There are still parts of the world where no road goes and no airplane dares fly. Enter Riders for Health.

You have GOT to check these guys out.

This is bravery and skill and generosity at its finest. Remote villages in Africa are often so far off the beaten path that not even a Land Rover can get there, and it is in these isolated places where some of the worst epidemics have their origin. So how are lifesaving medicines delivered? Off-road motorcyclists, able to travel the roughest terrain, able to evade civil war conflict zones, and able to get where disease threatens to become an outbreak quickly, are the key. This is true, noble adventure in the finest sense of the word, and has directly led to interventions that prevented medical disaster. Your donations (which will be matched one-per-five up to one hundred dollars in matching funds by Caerdwyn) go directly to equipping, training, and supporting these modern-day heroes.

And to top it off… this group is overseen by a real Princess, and a Jedi! Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne the Princess Royal of England,[1] and the actor Sir Ewan MacGregor (who played young Obi-Wan Kenobi), are among those who directly oversee the activities of Riders for Health. It’s well-run, it’s efficient, and it’s becoming a model for other relief charities.

Saving lives has never been this cool.

Here, have a video!

[1] You are going to LOVE this. Her Royal Highness was the President of the International Equestrian Federation… basically, the FIFA of Horses… and was an Olympian rider. That’s right, she’s a 100% real-life no-kidding Equestrian Princess!

How does a pirate do things repetitively? With an ARRRR-peggio!

On Monday February 23, at the usual 5pm Pacific, we have a newcomer to the Pony Interview Circuit: Will Anderson. Come help us welcome him to the brawl!

will anderson

How do you play that thing with hooves?

Will Anderson is the orchestral composer who is responsible for the epic background music of the show. That’s right, the more Friendship is Magic sounds like a Grammy-winning Disney film, the more it’s all his fault! But Will goes way beyond the orchestra pit. It seems that Will used to tour with the band of a certain Weird Al Yankovic… yeah, there’s probably a few stories there which have passed the statute of limitations…

And yes, this is his first pony-livestream interview. Let’s make it memorable. Don’t worry, Will, I know a good bail bondsman!

Remember, we’re at Canterlot Hill now!

FLASH CHARITY EVENT: Second Harvest Food Bank

Once again, Baron Engel is drawing for us live, and once again, we are running a flash charity event! Everyone who donates during the live show is entered into a drawing… for the drawing… that Baron will be drawing.

manly challenge - second harvest

click on the image to donate

The Second Harvest Food Bank is among the very best-run, most effective charities in the nation. In cooperation with food wholesalers, restaurants and grocery chains (as well as regular folks like you and me), they feed hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. This is an ongoing need, not just over the holidays, and they need our help. Just a few dollars can be stretched by these folks to feed someone over several days.

So let’s do it! Your dollars. Someone’s ability to eat. It’s all tied together.

SPECIAL EVENT: Hearts and Hooves live show with Baron Engel

He’s baaaaaack…

Baron Engel, is known for a whole bunch of stuff:

A video, even one that’s over two years old, is worth a thousand words:

Baron is going to be back with us on Monday February 16th around 6pm Pacific. This is a special event, much like the Hearth’s Warming Eve and New Year’s Eve events, in which he will be drawing live for us, and giving away the results. HOW COOL IS THAT? Given that this guy gets hundreds of bucks for his color work, this is not a small thing.

We will also be having a “flash charity” event just for the duration of the stream, with donors being eligible for a drawing for the um… for the drawing. And no drawing conclusions or drawing out the suspense either!

Be there.

Manly Challenge: Fund Arts Now

This week’s challenge, near and dear to the heart of Amy Keating-Rogers, is to support the Fund Arts Now project. Do we? We DO!

click on the image to donate

click on the image to donate

Public education has gone downhill. This is no surprise to anyone, though a disappointment to everyone. The first item on the chopping block has been the very thing that has created and sustained the brony fandom: the arts. In particular, the Los Angeles school districts have cut art-related education to almost zero (less than a dime per year per resident of the area). In the home of Hollywood, that’s simply ludicrous.

The next generation of professional animators, illustrators, musicians and fan artists are being strangled. It’s up to the rest of us – the ones who know and understand just how strong a positive influence art can be – to make up the difference. Projects like Fund Arts Now are repairing the damage being done. This project in particular is very close to our challenger.

NOTE: This project is directly funded through PayPal rather than one of our usual charity fund-handling services. After you donate, PLEASE send an email to dusty AT manliestbrony DOT com. Amy herself will be monitoring the PayPal donations (heck, she even got them to set up a donation portal just for us!) and letting us know. And as usual, funds will be matched one-for-five, up to a hundred in matching fund, by Caerdwyn.

Donate! Or Amy will go all Jimi Hendrix on the ukelele…

We have ways of making you talk.

This Monday, February 9 at the usual 5pm Pacific, Stay Brony My Friends will be joined by Amy Keating-Rogers. We’re subtitling this show “She knows things that are way totally secrets”. That’s a good title, right?



Look, if you don’t already know who Amy Keating-Rogers is, you need to do your homework. Amy’s one of the lead writers on the show, delights in making ponies lose their minds, and plays punk disco thrash Icelandic death-metal ukelele while biting off the heads of gummi bears.

Be there. Bring a first aid kit. You might need it for the mosh pit.

Reminder: the live show is now hosted at Canterlot Hill, and the YouTube recording is at Dusty’s YouTube page.

Manly Challenge: The Covenant House

This week’s challenge, given to us by Vincent Tong, is to support the Covenant House of Vancouver. Support asked, support given!

manly challenge - covenant house

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Being out on the street is a nightmare at any age, but when you’re young it’s even worse. There’s no need to list the horrible things that happen every day to young men and women who, for whatever reason, are without a home and who are outside of the protections that the rest of us enjoy. It’s foul, it’s wrong and it’s got to stop.

How does the saying go… “there but for the grace of god go I”… yeah.

The Covenant House of Vancouver is a shelter for young adults who have nowhere else to go. Protection, food, medical help, education and offering a path out of the streets are what they are all about. The Covenant House makes no judgements about why they are on the streets, or what they had to do to survive… it’s all about helping people have a future worth living for.

Your donations go straight to helping people come in from the cold. As always, your donations are matched one dollar per five from Caerdwyn up to 100 matching, so your help goes even farther.

This is real, this is hardcore, and this is what we’re all about.

Pitchforks and torches for everyone! It’s a holiday!

On Monday January 26, at 5pm Pacific, Stay Brony My Friends will be hosting voice actor Vincent Tong. And boy, are we ready for him…


YOU. We have our eyes on you.

That’s right, we have the greatest single threat to the fandom, that waifu-stealing Twilight-bumping-into knave, Vincent Tong!

Vincent plays more than the Ultimate Villains of Equestria (Flash Sentry and Brad). Other roles, more lovable, like Prince Blueblood… no, wait, how about the Twilight-excluding Duke of Maretonia… hmm. Donut Joe! Everybody loves Donut Joe!

Vince, you gotta help us out here.

And remember, the live show is hosted at Canterlot Hill, and the recorded show at Dusty’s Youtube site now.

Manly Challenge: Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

This week’s Manly Challenge, issued by Andy Price and Katie Cook, is to support the Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta. This one is a must.

manly challenge - golden retriever rescue

click on the image to donate

Golden retrievers are gentle, loving dogs who want only to be with a caring family. However, all too often they lose their homes for reasons that have nothing to do with the dog. Families forced to move, owners who fall sick and can no longer care for their pets, medical bills for the dog which the owners cannot afford, and many other reasons often result in a good dog in an overcrowded, understaffed public animal shelter. And with large dogs like golden retrievers, finding a new home sometimes comes too late.

The Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta, like other breed rescues, intervenes by claiming the animals from the pound before they are euthanized. Volunteers provide foster homes, and the dogs’ medical needs are taken care of. The dogs are evaluated by those who know the breed best, and permanent homes are found with carefully screened new owners. By supporting breed rescues like the Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta, wonderful dogs are saved from a certain bad fate.

This is one place where even a modest donation goes a long, long way. Your donations are further stretched by a one-for-five match by Caerdwyn (up to 100 in matching funds). Don’t wait – for far too many dogs, a few days is the difference between life and death.


Yes, this is an emotional cheap shot. So what, it’s real.


Stand-up comics

This Monday, January 12th at 5pm Pacific, Stay Brony My Friends welcomes Andy Price and Katie Cook, comic geniuses! PLEASE NOTE THE NEW LOCATION FOR THE STREAM.


yeah, it’s kinda like that

These two are responsible for many of the MLP comic books (the “mane series” 1-18 and 25-28, Micro Series 3 “Rarity” and 10 “Luna”, and Friends Forever 8 “Rarijack”). So very very responsible.

Join us at the madhouse!

Where is the madhouse, you may ask? The new location for the live showing of Stay Brony My Friends is at bookmark it for the future.