Christmas Eve 2015 Manly Challenge: Second Harvest Food Bank

It’s become our tradition. Every Christmas Eve, we invite all you good bronyfolk to support the Second Harvest Food Bank. MANLY!

click on the image to donate

click on the image to donate

The Second Harvest Food Bank is among the very best charities in the country. Your donations will feed many people at the time of the year when hunger is at its worst. Really, do we need to say more?

Manly Challenge: Operation Eyesight Universal

This week’s challenge, brought by Iris Quinn, is to support Operation Eyesight Universal. This is what we’re all about!

click on the image to donate

click on the image to donate

Eyesight is something most of us take for granted, or at the very worst a cause to wear glasses. But for many people in the developing world, an otherwise-treatable condition such as glaucoma or cataracts can degenerate into permanent blindness.

Operation Eyesight Universal brings high-quality eye care to developing countries. Over the years they have trained doctors to become skilled eye surgeons, and opened clinics in India and Africa. Their efforts have saved thousands of people from blindness… and we’re going to support their efforts to save thousands more.

Just think… your donations (matched as usual one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to a hundred dollars in matching funds) could help someone see ponies for the first time!

The Grinch has nothing on HER…

On Monday December 14, back at our usual 5:00 PM Pacific, we welcome Iris Quinn to Stay Brony My Friends. It’s all about the principal of the thing!

She's only evil when animated.

She’s only evil when animated.

Okay, okay, that was a horrible joke.

Iris Quinn is the voice of the nefarious Abacus Cinch, the not-so-lovable rival principal from Equestria Girls: Friendship Games. She also is an actress with a huge on-camera filmography, including X-Files and A Wrinkle in Time. This is her first introduction to the brony scene, so let’s welcome her!

…in spite of how naaaaaaasty her character was… boo, hiss!

Join us on Canterlot Hill!

Manly Challenge: The Children’s Arts Umbrella

This week’s challenge, brought to you by Big Jim Miller, is to support the Children’s Arts Umbrella. Buck yeah!

manly challenge - arts umbrella

click on the image to donate

“Awesome” doesn’t come from nowhere. It is crafted, nurtured, taught and inspired. Nowhere is this as true as in the arts.

Unfortunately, it’s always arts programs which first get the funding axe. In schools it’s the first casualty of a bad government budget year, and is the last (if ever) to be restored. It therefore falls upon the rest of us to support art education, to help our schools teach more than just how to pass a standardized test or how to be an unimaginative worker bee. The Children’s Arts Umbrella does exactly that, giving Vancouver kids the early inspiration to help them reach their creative potential.

And we’ve seen how THAT turns out!

Your donations, matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to 100 dollars in matching funds, will help ensure we have future generations of unbridled awesomeness!

The Biggest of Jims

On Monday November 30, at the special time of 7:30 Pacific, we make room for Big Jim Miller. You may have heard of him, he’s the director of this show about technicolor horses…

"Big" jim, because "Medium" Jim just doesn't sound as awesome.

“Big” Jim, because “Medium” Jim just doesn’t sound as awesome.

This is a fellow who has yet to¬† do anything but awesome. Not only has he worked his way to the top of the My Little Pony world, he also is one of the creative forces behind Ed, Edd and Eddy. Rumor also has it that he’s… well, you’re just going to have to be there, aren’t you?

Join us at Canterlot Hill, at 7:30 Pacific (later than usual because he has this day job, something to do with candy-colored equines…)!

Manly Challenge: Animal Friends, Inc.

This week’s challenge, from Pixelkitties to you, is to support Animal Friends, Inc. So let it be written. So let it be done!

manly challenge - animalfriends

Click on the image to donate

The very concept of “unwanted pets” is foreign to so many of us. But the sad fact is that there are more pet animals in need of homes than there are homes to take them in. Every day, thousands of times, there is a sad ending to a potential pet’s story.

Animal Friends isn’t having any of that. They attack the problem from many angles: promoting spay and neuter programs, operating no-kill shelters, matching pets in need of homes with people to take them in, and acting as protectors when disasters or cruelty strikes. Their mission began during World War II, caring for pets while their soldier-owners were overseas, and they’ve been at it ever since.

None of this comes freely, however. That’s where we step in. your donations, matched one-for-five up to a hundred dollars in matching funds by Caerdwyn, will go to support the fight. With charities like this, the connection between donation and life for an animal in need is very real, very immediate.

You know the next step. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the manly thing to do.


On Monday, November 16 at the usual 5pm Pacific, Stay Brony My Friends welcomes Pixelkitties!



Pixelkitties is known to most folks as the artist who does show-accurate autograph cards. If you’ve been to a convention and gotten an autograph from one of the fine folks who make That Show, it’s been on artwork done by Pixelkitties. She’s that good! She is also responsible for a metric buckton of the tropes that have defined our fandom… a pony Illuminati. But she also has done webcomics, and… well, you’re just going to have to wait to ask about her history as a professional brewer from a family of bootleggers. Let’s just say that the beer labels are interesting…

Be there, at Canterlot Hill!

Manly Challenge: KidPower

This week’s Manly Challenge, brought to you by Peter New, is to support KidPower. Yes. Yes we will.

manly challenge - kidpower

click on the image to donate

Online and classroom bullying has become a major problem. It’s not “boys will be boys” any more, and the goals of the bullies are no longer limited to pushing someone into a locker or taking their lunch money. This has become a deadly problem, even in fandoms dedicated to positive shows. Governments are not taking this seriously, schools are not taking this seriously, so it’s up to us to take up the slack.

KidPower is an international organization dedicated to solving the problem of bullying. By seeking prevention wherever possible and prosecution when not, by educating parents and police and lawmakers that this isn’t a minor problem that can be swept under the rug, KidPower seeks and end to the hate. Your donations, matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to 100 in matching funds, go directly to fighting the good fight.

And we stand beside them.

I do declare, allons-y, eeyup!

On Monday November 2, at 5:00pm Pacific, we welcome back Peter New to Stay Brony My Friends. It’s just not the holidays without him!


Which of these is actually Peter New? We’ve lost track…

Peter has shown himself to be one of the most wide-ranging talents in That Pony Show. Far more than just a “Nope” or a “Eeyup!”, he has given us Doctor Whooves, Orchard Blossom, Golden Delicious, Pa Pi… and that’s just in the pony crowd. He’s also Sunil from “The Littlest Pet Shop”, and has been in a ton of movies and TV shows besides.

He’s your basic Swiss Army Actor. Eeyup.

And he’s here!

Manly Challenge: Georgia SPCA

This week’s Manly Challenge is to support the Georgia Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Yes, yes, very yes!

manly challenge - Georgia SPCA

click on the image to donate

There is little in the world worse than a betrayal of trust. When humanity turns its back on animals that we have assumed responsibility for, or chooses to deliberately inflict pain just for the sake of doing so, this is betrayal in its worst form.And need we even discuss the barbaric practice of dogfighting and cockfighting?

Your donations (matched 1-for-5 up to one hundred dollars by Caerdwyn) will help the Georgia SPCA in its mission. Care and protection. That’s what it’s all about. And it doesn’t get manlier than that.