It goes down TODAY!

The Brawniest Brony Hoof-Wrasslin’ Rumble goes down TODAY at 2:30pm Pacifc. Time for some good old-fashioned grunting and groaning and all those manly things that make the world smell like a locker room. Well okay, maybe that wasn’t the best way to put it…

If you can’t be at Babscon, you can see it anyway on Ponyville Live’s streaming coverage.


And if you want to get in on the donations (which will be matched one-for-one by Caerdwyn up to a combined total of 2500):

Dusty’s charity: The Wounded Warrior Project

Snowflake’s charity: The Glendale Colelge View School (a.k.a. “Soren’s School”). NOTE: If you donate to them, send us an email at with the amount and PayPal receipt number to get in on the drawing.

DONATE. You’ll be entered into a big thank-you drawing full of prize-type stuff that will be held on Monday’s Stay Brony My Friends!

I wanna holler the loud funny words!

…okay, I’ve got this… take a big deep breath and…


brawniest brony banner 720p

It’s the clash of the titans! Well, okay, the clash of two damned big bronies. At Babscon 2014, Dustykatt (“the Manliest Brony in the World”) and Snowflake (“Private Stampede”) will put their manly muscles to a manly test. Join us as these two stereotype-crushing behemoths arm-wrestle for charity!

With a prize purse starting at $5000 from Caerdwyn, this is the Real Deal. The winner will have 2/3 of the prize money donated to his charity, and 1/3 will go to the one with the ruined arm. Dusty will be wrestling for the Wounded Warrior Project (which serves injured soldiers and their families); Snowflake will be wresting for College View School (also known as “Soren’s School”, a school for children with severe disabilities). Big Mac himself, Peter New, will be refereeing, and Mic the Microphone will provide the sinew-snapping ringside commentary.

And YOU get to participate too! Donations to boost the prize pool will be taken at the event, as well as online at the Babscon website. These donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Caerdwyn, up to an additional 2500 dollars. A ten thousand dollar purse? You can make it happen!

It all goes down 2:30pm Friday, April 18, at Babscon (at the SFO Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, California). Catch it on the Babscon livestream if you can’t be there yourself!

Questions? Let’s have ‘em!

Everything’s better with bacon!

This week at 5pm PDT, we are proud to have the Brony Chef as our guest on Stay Brony My Friends. This one gonna be tasty!


Being young, male and a brony doesn’t mean you can’t cook!

The Brony Chef is a lead chef at a swanky hotel restaurant in Mexico, and man can he cook! You’ve heard the saying, though… give Derpy a muffin and you’ve made her happy for the day, but teach Derpy to make muffins and you’ve made her happy forever! And made a mess in the kitchen too, but hey, that’s not so important…

The Brony Chef is gonna do that for you. He has just completed a cook book especially for bronies, mysteriously enough titled The Brony Chef Cook Book.This is particularly near and dear to us, not only because we love good food but also because we’re in it! Um. As guest recipe providers, not as, y’know, dinner. Ahem.

Join us as we talk easy-to-make damned good food, life at a snazzy hotel, and the state of bronydom south of the border.

Say, I wonder if there will be recipes for horse-doovers… er… hors d’ouvres… and just what part of the horse is the doover, anyway!

Manly Challenge – Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer

This week’s Manly Challenge, coming from the Brony Chef, is to support the Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer fund. We are so there!

manly challenge - brony chef

click on the link to donate

There is no moment in life that is as horrifying as finding out your child’s illness is actually cancer. There’s just something about that word that pierces you to your core… especially when it’s in reference to your son or daughter.

The Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer fund exists to make the road a bit less bumpy. Everyone knows about the major expenses involved, but there are also so many minor things… travel, escalating phone bills, in-hospital tutoring, even something as mundane as parking costs. These small expenses aren’t covered by insurance, they keep adding up, and can nickel-and-dime a family to financial ruin at the worst possible time.

Are we going to let something like that happen? I think we all know the answer…

Donate. You know how. And make those matching funds flow (1 dollar per 5 donated, up to a hundred dollars from Caerdwyn). You’ve done it before, and can do it again.

Bronies for the win!

Manly Challenge: Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue

This week’s Manly Challenge is all too appropriate. Brought to you by Terry Klassen, the challenge is to help the Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue. Being kind to ponies just got very, very real!

manly challenge - terry klassen

Even on a modern farm or ranch, you will often find horses hard at work, and the “hobby farm” often has its own ponies and horses. While most ranchers and farmers take care of their four-legged employees, there are still too many cases of overwork, neglect or just plain abuse. And that’s just plain wrong on so many levels.

The Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue organization is devoted to providing these animals a place to live out their lives in comfort. When horses in distress are discovered by animal protection agencies, they are brought to rescue organizations. This is where Day’s End comes in. Animals in New England which have been seized from bad circumstances are brought here and given what they had always deserved: a good life.

Day’s End in particular is one of the best-run charities in the country, so you can be confident that your donations… you WILL donate, right?… will go right where they are needed. And as always, Caerdwyn (who spent his early years on a ranch with Welsh ponies) will be matching donations one-for-five, up to a hundred in matching funds.

This isn’t a cartoon. These horses are real, and their health and happiness is in our hands. The “before” and “after” photos on their website say it all (even though the “before“s can be pretty hard to look at). We’re gonna do the right thing.

louder… Louder… LOUDER… okay, too loud.

This week we are thrilled to have Terry Klassen, the voice director of My Little Pony, as our guest on Stay Brony My Friends. 5pm Monday the 24th of March, be there!

terry k

The one on the right looks kinda guilty…

All those wonderful voice actors on The Best Show Ever are taking their cues from this hard-working fellow, and they’ve had great things to say about the man crackin’ the whip. But Terry is that rarest of bosses: he has actually done what he’s giving direction upon, and knows what he’s asking of his troops. He’s been there. He’s done that. His own filmography is impressive.

And I’ll just bet he has the best stories from the studio. Remember the time Tabitha burned down the building, and when Peter backed the dump truck through the wall? Or when Lee fell through the skylight into the mixing booth because he forgot his parachute? We sure do!

…oh wait, did that actually happen? Better tune in to find out.

Manly Challenge: Helping Brony Granny, part 2

This week’s Manly Challenge, brought to you by Peter New and Tabitha St. Germain, is to help out Brony Granny’s medical fund.This is one of our own, and we are going to help her.

manly challenge - brony granny 2

update: due to an error the old GiveForward campaign page was prematurely deactivated. A new page to continue the campaign is available, and will be added to the old page. Check back in a few hours!

A while ago, one of the greatest friends to our fandom, Darlene “Brony Granny” Dickmann, suffered a severe neck injury and has been bedridden ever since. Unfortunately, her recovery just had a very serious setback… she has had a heart attack (something not uncommon in situations like this).

Her family’s expenses have been mounting. But so has our support for her. We’ve got you covered, Granny. Matching funds as always are provided one-for-five by Caerdwyn, this time up to two hundred in matching. You know the deal… donate. Bronies take care of their own!

Send her your love, and send her a few dollars. It all matters. It all counts. Even a five-dollar donation will fill her oxygen tank. It’s that real.


Next Monday, at the usual 5pm Pacific (you did remember to adjust your clocks for Daylight Saving Time, right?), Stay Brony My Friends is happy as can be to welcome back one of the show’s best friends, Peter New. You gonna be there?


peter new 2

his tribal name: Deer-In-Headlights

This will be Peter’s third visit to the show. Has he learned his lesson yet?


Peter is, of course, the voice of the musical, talkative Big Macintosh. He also voices the scholarly Hayseed Turniptruck, the oh-so-normal Goldie Delicious, and about ohhhh, a billion other ponies. But wait, there’s more! If you order in the next five minutes we’ll throw in Sunil from Littlest Petshop, a bunch of orcs in Warhammer, a wolfman… what, you want more?


Besides. It’s all about the hat.