Manly Challenge – The Humane Society

Today’s Manly Challenge, presented by Tina Guo, is to support the Humane Society. Let’s do this!

manly challenge - humane society - tina

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We’re all familiar with the Humane Society and its works. Treating injured animals, finding homes for lost or abandoned pets, and hunting down people who are needlessly or deliberately cruel to animals… that’s the mission. They need support though, and that’s where you come in. Your donations (with the one-for-five match by Caerdwyn up to a hundred dollars) will directly result in animals’ lives being saved.

This one’s a no-brainer. We’re on it!

Heavy metal was never like this

On Monday 24 August, at our usual 5:00pm Pacific, we welcome Tina Guo to Stay Brony My Friends. And we say that’s rockin’, we mean it!


…holy Tempo Allegro, Batpony!

Tina comes to us as the music of Octavia from “Slice of Life”; she is the cello player who made the music happen. She is one of the most forward-thinking musicians in the world, having brought her instrument to heavy metal and rock. She is also a soundtrack composer, having worked on… oh, go see for yourself!

Vivaldi may not have had this in mind…

Join us at Canterlot Hill!

Manly Challenge: Special Olympics

This week’s challenge, from Nick Confalone, is to support the Special Olympics. Challenge accepted!

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click on the image to donate

We all know what this is about.

The Special Olympics highlights the very best athletes who also have special needs, demonstrating that limitations can be overcome and that excellence is more powerful than any preconceptions. People around the world are given a chance for glory, given a chance to participate, and show what hard work and dedication can accomplish. This is where we show what WE can do with hard work and dedication. Matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to a hundred in matching funds, your donations will help a lot of people make memories that will last a lifetime.

Guys, this is really cool. And supporting the Special Olympics is as manly as bench-pressing four hundred pounds.

…which some of these folks can do.

If show not perfect, we SMASH

On Monday, July 27 at the usual 5pm Pacific, we welcome Nick Confalone to Stay Brony, My Friends. Ain’t it cool!


El Bandito ConfalĂ´n

Nick is a new writer on the show, whose first episode was “Party Pooped”. Join us as we yak about the show, smashing things, the physics of Pinkie Pie and how you get away with using “Poop” as part of an episode title.

He apparently also needs a little help with an O.C… something about helicopters and vines… We can do that!

Learn all the things!

Manly Challenge: Developments in Literacy

This week’s challenge, courtesy of Pen Stroke, is to support Developments in Literacy. Ask and it will be done!

manly challenge - Developments in Literacy

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There are places in the world where being female means being condemned to a life of illiteracy and no education. Societies where this happens are among the poorest, most war-torn and worst in health care in the world. But history shows that, without exception, educating the women and girls of a nation leads to better life expectancy, a better standard of living and a much greater chance for peace for everyone involved. And nowhere is this more needed than in the Middle East, where women are treated as little more than property.

Developments in Literacy, a four-star charity, has targeted Pakistan for building schools and for training women to become teachers. By concentrating upon the basics, by building the infrastructure of learning, Developments in Literacy is helping to transform Pakistan from a medieval, tribal battlefield into something better for all.

And we’re here to help them do it! Your donations, matched as always one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to one hundred matched, will go directly to pushing back the darkness.

And that’s manly, yes it is.

Past Shows, Future Sins

On Monday July 13, at our usual 5pm Pacific, we welcome author Pen Stroke to Stay Brony, My Friends. The epicness is epically epic!


It’s all his fault, those sleepless nights.

Past Sins is one of the towering achievements of the My Little Pony fanfic community… two hundred thousand words of depth. And we have the author, Pen Stroke, captive until he reveals all! And there’s those other two dozen stories to discuss, too…

Be there, at Canterlot Hill!

Manly Challenge: Child’s Play

This week’s Manly Challenge, brought to you by DJ Tetsuo, is to support Child’s Play. And you don’t even have to arm-wrestle to do it!

manly challenge childs play

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When you’re a child, being in a hospital is a mixture of fear and mind-numbing boredom. All there is to do is to dwell on the sickness or injury that brought you to the hospital, and little to distract from the pain and from the exposure to people who are in as much medical trouble as you. This is not what life should be like as a child, and this is what Child’s Play is here to deal with.

Child’s Play donates toys, video games and consoles, books and videos to hospital pediatric wards to help the unfortunate children have something to do, to have something in their day to look forward to. Who has time for brooding over what “cancer” means when there are bad guy’s butts awaiting kicking! And with your donations, matched as always one-for-five by Caerdwyn (up to 100 in matching funds), there will be plenty of butts to kick.

Be a butt-kicking supplier. Ease the pain. Confront the fear. FINISH HIM.

Robotic Invasion

On Monday, 29 June at the usual 5pm Pacific, we welcome the awesome DJ “The Robot” Tetsuo to Stay Brony, My Friends. This one is epic!



Tetsuo is not just a track-mixing tower of power. He’s not just 225 pounds of well-marbled beef. He’s also a consummate gentleman and a warrior for a noble cause (more on that later!). Join us! It’s what the cool kids do.

It all goes down at Canterlot Hill.

Manly Challenge: Foundation Fighting Blindness

This week’s Manly Challenge, from the Manliest Sea Serpent (Lee Tockar), is to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Yeah… yeah, we can do that… LIKE WE DID BEFORE!

“Degenerative retinal disease” is far too often just another way of saying “you’re going to be blind someday”, and even more chilling, is frequently followed by “and there’s not a lot that can be done to stop it”. Consider for a moment what it means to be told this, and to have it hanging over you… and day by day, to have it play out.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is in the forefront of research into education, prevention and cures in this critical area. Progress is being made, but the clock is ticking for far too many people (including our good friend Lee Tockar). Your donations will go directly into dealing with this family of diseases (matched as always one-for-five, up to a hundred in matching funds, by Caerdwyn) with some of the most hardworking, dedicated doctors and scientists in the world at your side.

DO IT. The eyeballs you save could be your own!

Longest. Callback. EVER!

In the wake of the magnificent episode 100, “My Little Background Pony”, we are proud to welcome back Lee Tockar. WOO!

Lee gonna be here? IT'S TRUUUUUE!

Lee gonna be here? IT’S TRUUUUUE!

It’s just soooooo appropriate that Lee be our guest. He was the first of the show staff to join us all the way back on episode 17 of Stay Brony My Friends, making him the Longevity Record Holder in that department, and with a span of 99 episodes of LP with the return of… no, no, you have to go see it yourself. We’ll spoileriffic you later.

5pm Pacific. Monday 15 June. BE THERE.