Manly Challenge – the A21 Campaign

This week, M.A. Larson is bringing us a very serious challenge. With him, we’re going to support the A21 Campaign.

manly challenge - A21 - MA Larson

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Human trafficking. It’s something that seems almost medieval, but it’s alive and widespread. People forced to work in horrible conditions in sweatshops, farms and mines (and facing beatings or death if they don’t cooperate). Children and young adults forced into prostitution. People actually being bought and sold.

“Human trafficking” is the genteel word for slavery. Yes, it still exists (even in “western” nations), and yes, millions of people around the world are subject to these horrors. In fact, there are more people living in chattel slavery now than at any point in history.

This is no joke, and it has to stop. The A21 Campaign is a global organization seeking to end this practice. By providing safe-houses to escape to, by educating police and politicians about what is going on, by seeking and enabling prosecution of those responsible for slave-taking and profiting from it, the A21 Campaign combats one of the true great evils in the world.

Stand with Mitch on this one. Donate. Pull someone out of a nightmare.

For this challenge, Caerdwyn will match double the normal amount, one for five up to two hundred dollars in matching funds.

I’m a princess! Are you a princess too?

Brace yourselves. On Monday August 25th, at 5pm Pacific, we are welcoming M.A. Larson to Stay Brony, My Friends. And he’ll be handing out horns and wings. He does that, you know.

photo courtesy of Natasha Lockhart


Mitch is an unstoppable writing force on the show. By this, we mean that in addition to having written some of the very best episodes, he is also the Story Editor (Chief Story Honcho) for Season 5. This is a fellow who doesn’t hold back… when you party with Mitch you bring a helmet, when you road-trip with Mitch you bring cash for bail, and when you watch his episodes you wear a seat belt.


  • He first brought the Cutie Mark Crusaders to the screen (The Cutie Mark Chronicles)
  • He first brought Discord to life (The Return of Harmony I and II)
  • He created Rainbow Dash’s greatest achievement (Sonic Rainboom)
  • He gave us the “modern” Luna (Luna Eclipsed)
  • …and, oh yeah, he made Twilight a princess (Magical Mystery Cure)

If there’s something Equestria-shattering that needs to be done, if there’s a whole new aspect of the show that will change everything, Mitch is the go-to guy to write it.

We will also be talking to Mitch about his upcoming novel (and movie!) Pennyroyal Academy (which you should pre-order, yes you should). Who knows, he might even have an advance copy to give away…

Manly Challenge: The Gentle Barn Foundation

This week’s Manly Challenge, courtesy of the mighty Heather Nufher, is to support the Gentle Barn Foundation. And support we shall!

manly challenge - Gentle Barn Foundation

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Animals can be healers and teachers, especially for children, but many children do not get a chance to meet our four-legged friends. The Gentle Barn Foundation does exactly that, and so much more.

Giving children who are at risk of being absorbed into destructive lifestyles a chance to bond with animals accomplishes great good, and not just for children. By making people aware of animals as thinking, feeling beings, the need for treating all animals in humane manner becomes second-nature… and with that, the need to treat our fellow man well, too.

There is a second benefit to bringing children and farm animals into contact with each other. Not only does this help guide at-risk children into compassionate lives, it also raises awareness that agricultural animals are in need of protection too. While pets and wild animals get the press for issues of ethical treatment, agricultural animals are often overlooked. The Gentle Barn Foundation is helping to close that gap.

And this is your chance to help them do so. When you donate, your dollars will support the work of the Gentle Barn. Mistreated agricultural animals will be rescued, children will learn the lessons of kindness and compassion, and your good karma score will go through the roof. And as always, Caerdwyn will match donations one dollar for five, up to a hundred dollars in matching funds, so let’s get on it!

Round ‘em up, Winona!

A stand-up comic (writer)

This Monday August 11, at 5pm Pacific, Stay Brony My Friends will welcome Heather Nuhfer, writer for the My Little Pony comic books. And by “welcome”, we mean “get yer giddy-up over here, Heather!”


You’re right, Mac… and it’s HER fault.

In addition to writing some of the very best of the My Little Pony comics that have shocked the comic book industry with their huge success, Heather also brings her Muppets cred with her work on Fraggle Rock, and she also knows How to Train Your Dragon (better start running, Spike!). So much awesome all in one place!

Come help us soak up the Awesome before it eats away the floor.

Manly Challenge – The British Columbia SPCA

This week’s challenge, brought to you by Claire and Ian Corlett, is to support the British Columbia SCPA. We are ALL about that!

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Our animal companions depend upon us to do the right thing by them… to be kind, to be caring, and to be good friends. Unfortunately, sometimes we let the animals down, and that’s where the SCPA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) steps up.

Join Claire and Ian Corlett as we help the British Columbia SCPA provide much-needed care and protection for pets and wild animals that haven’t received the treatment they deserve. Your support gives stray animals a second chance, hunts down people who are abusive to animals, and provides low-cost pet care. When you donate, your dollars will be further stretched by a one-for-five donation (up to a hundred dollars in matching funds) by Caerdwyn, so click-donate-done!

And as a special incentive, there’s another hundred bucks in matching funds if we can beat how Scootaloo and Applebloom did… that high-water-mark is $1182. Who’s the best charitable Crusader? Let’s find out!

Ask not for whom the Sweetie Belle trolls.

On Monday the 28th of July, at 5pm PDT on Stay Brony My Friends… she trolls for thee. Brace yourselves, it’s Claire Corlett!

scheming belle

These two are up to no good.

Claire, the craftiest Cutie Mark Crusader of them all, will be joining us to discuss… well, crusading, Speedy and Stretch, how to be a dinosaur, and about a billion other things.

As if that’s not enough, Sweetie Dad Ian James Corlett (who himself is an animation voice actor with a filmography a mile long… I mean, holy crap, he’s freakin’ GOKU) will be along for the ride. In addition to everything else, he brings his own pony cred as Silver Shill, that sneaky sidekick of the Flim Flam Brothers… yeah, we’ll be keeping an eye on him…

goku james

These two are kinda dodgy too…

If there’s ever proof needed that talent runs in families, well, here it is.

Cutie Mark Crusaders Manly Guest Cutie Marks!

(So what WOULD Goku’s cutie mark be..?)

Manly Challenge – the Multiple Sclerosis Society

This week’s challenge, brought to you by Charlotte Fullerton in honor of her friend Lydia Mayo, is to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. And we’re gonna do it!

manly challenge - MS - Charlotte

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Multiple Sclerosis is a terrible disease that causes its sufferers’ immune systems to attack their own central nervous systems, causing paralysis, chronic pain and blindness.Two million people around the world are affected, and that’s two million too many. The good news is that good progress is being made in understanding its causes, and there are treatments being developed which slow the progress of the disease once diagnosed, but that’s far from victory. There is no cure (yet), and no way to restore the damage (yet). And that’s where we come in, fellow bronies.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is leading the fight, and we’re going to support them, every step of the way. Your donations will go directly to research and to assisting people with this lifelong burden. As always, your donations will be matched one-for-five (up to a hundred in matching funds) by Caerdwyn, so let’s stretch those dollars!

Keep ‘em walking.

Suited for This Guest

On Monday July 14, at our normal 5pm PDT time, Stay Brony My Friends is happy to welcome Charlotte Fullterton. We are crazy-excited!


She knows what ponies wallow in.

Charlotte has written quite a few episodes (most recently, the more-fun-than-anything Power Ponies), but the crowning jewel is what many people consider to be the best episode in the entire series: Suited for Success.  Come, find out whether you pack warmly for going into pony-exile!

Manly Challenge: “Because I Am A Girl”, part 2

This week’s manly challenge, brought to you by Maddie Peters, is to support “Because I Am A Girl“. We’ve done it before, and we’re gonna do it again!

manly challenge - Because I Am A Girl - Maddie Peters

Plan Canada, one of the most effective charities in the world, is taking on one of the most shameful problems in the world: underfunded female education. There are many places where education for girls is not considered important, or even actively discouraged. Girls in those places are also last in line to receive medical care. Ladies and gentlemen, this is wrong wrong wrong, and for this reason the “Because I Am A Girl” project was created. If the creeps running things in those parts of the world won’t fund educating or caring for their girls, it’s up to us to help Plan Canada to do the right thing.

When (not if… WHEN) you donate by going to the donation page and clicking “Sponsor Me”, remember to include your name so we can enter it in the thank-you prize drawing! Maddie has helped us out by creating the donation page herself, so all we have to go by for the drawing is the thank-you list. Make sure your name is on it!

And as always, Caerdwyn will match one-for-five, up to a hundred dollars in matching funds. Stretch them dollars!

SPECIAL CHALLENGE: We’ve visited this charity before, when Michelle Crieber (Applebloom) gave us this challenge. We did great, booking 700 dollars. But can we do better for Scootaloo? EPIC DONATION BATTLES OF EQUESTRIAAAaaaaaa… BEGIN

Scootaloo, you drive us Maddie

This time for sure! It’s time to welcome Maddie Peters, the voice of Scootaloo, to Stay Brony, My Friends!


Maddie will be joining us on Monday June 30 at 5pm Pacific. We know that’s where you’ll be at that time, right? Time to give the mad(die) props to Scootaloo, ask your questions, and show her the good time that the hardest-working Cutie Mark Crusader deserves! I mean, really, if you weren’t bawling like a baby at the end of Sleepless in Ponyville, there’s something massively malfunctioning. Off to the Reponification Gulag with you!

Scootaloo. The cure for atrophied feels.